Reinforcement Learning based Recommendation System is increasing in both algorithm and application.

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Reinforcement Learning based Recommendation System

Development Process

As we mentioned above, in the nature of Reinforcement Learning(RL), the agents try to maximize the reward when interacting with the environment. This is similar to the problem of Recommendation System that the Recommendation System algorithm tries to recommend the best items to the users and maximize the satisfaction of users. In a big picture, we can consider the Recommendation System system as an agent…

Every day, we always face with the huge amount of information available on many means leading to information overloading problem, which make people feel difficult to make right decision.

When we surf a shopping website, we have to pass through many more items in the main page. The more items in the list, the harder it become to select among them. Understanding the demand, and with the development of many information platform such as YouTube, Amazon, Netflix or e-commerce, Recommendation System has been established and improved with the development of machine learning and artificial intelligent.

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Wanna watch a film, but look at that…. How can we choose…

Recommendation System


Recommender System (RS) are software tool and algorithms that have been developed to…

Reinforcement learning is how to make the actions to maximize the reward we will receive based on the situation (environment). It is exactly like the user react to recommendation system.

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In reinforcement environment, the learner must discover which way to achieve the highest reward by trying the actions without being told what to do. This action may affect not only the immediate reward but also the situation, then it will change the way to choose the action for our next choice.

An example about how the kid practice to reach parents and receive a gift, whose nature is as same as Reinforcement Learning

We can easily imagine that the reinforcement learning is similar to a baby trying to start walking. If he can walk step by step to his parents, he will receive…

An effort of reimplementing Pinterest’s recommender system


In my last post about Complete The Look, I tried to explain what Pinterest did with their fashion recommender system. If you did not see this post, you could follow this link to get the main ideas to accomplish this task.

Complete The Look is a promising approach in the attempt to overcome the limitation of traditional fashion recommender systems. The old-fashioned systems often use images of products on a plain white background, whereas what the customers want to see is the way these products complement each other in daily scenes such as in street photos, travel lookbooks, and selfies.

An effort to explain the main idea of Complete The Look.


Pinterest’s Engineering team has recently posted their research in fashion recommendation, which capture my attention because of its practicality. In this post, they showed a new task in fashion recommendation called Complete The Look. Attempting to explore this task is great for any machine learning practitioner. There are some ambiguous terms that could make readers misunderstand. I will try to explain these terms in Part 1 and show how I reimplement the fashion recommender system in the next part.

When reaching the end of this tutorial, I hope you could understand:

  • What is Complete The Look

Are you tired of reading a long paper? Automatic text summarization system using Transformers can help you deal with long papers or articles. Let’s build a summarization system using HuggingFace and Streamlit.

Let’s try to summarize a paper about “How BTS Became The Undisputed Kings Of K-Pop”

Figure 1: Paper about BTS. Source

Amazing summarize result

Reinforcement learning is types of neural network that overcome the problem that other learning methods can not solve with open environment. Let’s review about basic machine learning and learn how to apply reinforcement learning method through Flappy Bird and Mario games.


Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It include supervisor learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning and their combination. Since the ideas of artificial neural network, a subset of machine learning called Deep Learning, using neural network, was born.

Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s talk about Deep Learning first, it use neural network to see how “important” the input effect desired output. A simple fully-connected neural network has 3 layers: input, output and hidden layer, all in numberic form. Input provides neural network the “vision”, the important features that effect the output. The output layer can be one value, or multidimension vector. …

End-to-end Question Answering system using Transformer


The question answering system is commonly used in the field of natural language processing. It is used to answer questions in the form of natural language and has a wide range of application.

This blog post mainly deals with a Question Answering system designed for a specific field, which is usually use a model called Transformers and it makes use of several methods and mechanisms that I’ll introduce here. The papers I refer to in the post offer a more detailed and quantitative description.

Overall architecture

At the end of 2018, researchers of Google AI Language have public a new model for…

Learn how to apply GANs to see face looks in face aging problem or in different conditions.


Generative Adversarial Networks are a type of deep neural network architecture that uses unsupervised machine learning to generate data. They were introduced in 2014, in a paper by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville, which can be found at the following link: GANs have many applications, including image generation and drug development.

This blog will introduce you to the core components of GANs. It will take you through how each component works and the important concepts and technology behind GANs. It will also give you a brief overview of the benefits and drawbacks of using GANs and an…

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